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Catering to Hotel  to Hospitals

Amstor Consultancies Services also offer in-house software products for various industries which can be customized according to customer needs and local regulations. Our products are installed & running successfully in India & UAE countries

Hotel Management Systems

Complete Package and customizable modules for various  functions in the Hospitality industry .

  • LeHost POS  /Restaurant Management.

  • Le Host - Material Management.

  • LeHost Property Management System.

Hotel Desk Check-In

Clinic Management Solution

Complete solutions for clinic management and operations .

  • LeHealth Clinic Management System -EMR

  • LeHealth - Lab Management Systems 

  • LeHealth-Pharmacy

Analyzing Scans

Apart from solutions for Hotels and Hospitals, we have a dedicated and well-experienced software production team which have an array of diversified products for various domains, fully customizable like inventory management, accounts system, Purchase, and stock management as per the customer requirements and market needs

Products: Products
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